Morning High Off Fungi? Wake Me Up & Cordy-Sex Me In


As I continue on my question of Biohacking my triple B- rather ‘Body, Brain, & Beauty’- I have been going out of my way to find the very things that will optimize my neurotransmitters to function at their highest potential.
Now- Mushroom lattes, potions, and tonics have made their debut in the wellness world as practitioners, health nuts, biohackers & flat out just weirdos seeking to take on life to a greater potential (naturally of course) have taken on the fungi kingdom for their incomparable health benefits and healing and beauty-enhancing capabilities. I mean who doesn’t want to take advantage of mother earths natural fungi to mix into our bloodstream somehow achieving beauty and ageless capabilities.. 
The four mushrooms I had been hearing most about were—

Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, & Chaga

These four medicinal mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries for effects as varied as strengthening the immune system (all of them, but especially Chaga); increasing focus, concentration and memory (lion’s mane); supporting a spiritual practice (Reishi); and improving athletic performance and sex drive (Cordyceps).
Let me emphasize that last statement- 

Cordyceps Improve your Sex Drive-“Cordysex” – Your Welcome. 



To be honest I cannot think of anything sexier than a guy offering me a steaming cup of shrooms, and rocking my world between the sheets. 


A mushroom potion, however, is a newer phenomenon and refers to the creation of a tea-like drink using powdered mushroom products- and thats what led me to my latest turn on to a company called Four Sigmatic. 
This morning I drank mushrooms. Yes- you heard me correct thanks to Tero Isokauppila, founder of Four Sigmatic Coffee (Instant coffee with chug mushrooms and either lion’s mane or Cordycep mushrooms. 

Think Half Coffee / Half Mushrooms.

Tero Isokauppila
Tero Isokauppila: Founder- Genetically 95.2% Nordic and 2.9% Neanderthal. Born in Finland, lived in eight countries in three continents, and currently reside in Santa Monica.

Tero being originally from Finland the lone country that exceeds their coffee drinking by any other nation per capita- up to 5 cups per day

Knowing all the negative side affects of coffee, nasty stomach burns, and caffeine crashes. Oddly enough these mushrooms that sort of taste like coffee- which do a very good job at combatting these issues. 
Tero’s first marathon running fueled clearly #ONSHROOMS. Just Cruising the 26-miles. Giving Big thanks to Big Sur sceneries, his well beloved mushroom juice, and courageous running partner @anya_korzun 🍄+🏃🏼 
The mushroom coffee comes in individual serving size packets , per measured and self contained. To use it: just like any form of instant coffee shake the package for the sediment to fall to the bottom- tear open , dump into whatever container or mug you would be consuming your beverage from pour water over- mix and enjoy. 



I personally have been adding my mushrooms to my Bulletproof Coffee– if you want to talk about a total legal crack coffee in the morning welcome to my concoction. Of course I doctor and alter it depending on what I have on my plate that day, and the amount of energy, and concentration I am looking to achieve hour by hour. Of course – I am not looking to achieve maximum energy every hour of every day, I like my zen days… My rainy afternoons here in New York, where I find myself cuddle up in my west village apartment with my hot cup of tea mixed with Reishi- Embracing my female energy. 

Reishi assists with regulating mood and helping to relax at the end of a day. Reishi (known in Chinese medicine as the “Queen healer”) especially beneficial for women; being known for its relaxing qualities, simultaneously strengthening the metabolism &immune system. Reishi is thought to have spiritual powers quite often associated with a feminine quality. Not to mention, Reishi is adaptogenic and thus has the ability to balance hormones and prevent signs of aging.





Cordyceps is an adaptogen, not a stimulant, so it helps you produce and maintain steady energy levels. Coffee can give you an energy spike, followed by a crash; Cordyceps, on the other hand, helps your body produce its own energy. 






Chaga mushroom can help support immune functions. It is called the king of mushrooms. You’ll find growing naturally in the wild and it has antioxidant properties. 









This Mushrooming fungi is just too attractive to ignore… We have so much Mushroom for these new fungi’s in our life..We owe it to ourselves on our own ‘Cordysex’ Desires.



Now, gaining all this new perspective especially from  ‘Mushroom Academy’ ; yes, the company is so passionate about spreading their love of shrooms – you can become ‘ A shroom expert- in 3 hours’ .. learning about the world of fungi including 12 medicinal mushrooms and their benefits , not to mention completely free.


Now It’s time to start ditching your morning routine of waiting in line for your over priced extra foam soy milk latte – From Starbucks or our lovely ‘craft coffee’ shops, where apparently it’s still legal to sell coffee at a hefty price tag with no added sex drive? Ya- No Thank you. 


Bigger question is who will I find myself snuggling up to under some hefty blankets sipping on my shroom coco this winter….mhmmm sip sip ‘Cordysex.’  


Start sucking up your latest Addiction- It’s truly #LIKEMAGIC. 


5863247539601408.jpgBrought to you purely powered by #shrooms, me of course- and the rest of the Four Sigmatic Team

As for now, I’m pouring myself another cup. xx 






P.s If you’re planning to be #ONSHROOMS


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