Beauty, Body & Brains – Can We Ultimately ‘BioHack’ This Triple Threat?

Last week I attended my first true what you can justify as ‘Bio-Hacking’ event- Fulfilling our ever lasting desire of unlocking our own bodies Pandoras’ box of secrets of our ever lasting beauty, fitness & wellness.

The panel discussion encompassed Dr. Emily Splichal [ World renowned celebrity podiatrist, global entrepreneur, barefoot science media expert/and beauty-fitness biohacker.]

Dr.Emily Splichal
Dr Splichal approaches every patient with the belief that we hold the power to our health and well being in our own hands. As a Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and Global Leader in Barefoot Science and Rehabilitation, Dr Splichal has developed a keen eye for movement dysfunction and neuromuscular control during giat. 



Accompanied by Dr. Emily Kiberd [ Chiropractic Physician, & Founder of Urban Wellness Clinic with a mission: to optimize every patient’s health, so they live—sprint, lift, race, or stand—without pain.]Doctor-Quotet.png


Dr. Emily Splichal & Dr. Emily Kiberd joined forces with special guests Lauren Berlingeri & Katie Kaps Co-Founders Of HigherDose –

Lauren Berlingeri & Katie Kaps
Lauren & Katie: They are two seekers of natural highs who believe the key to the “high life” is found through next level health therapies (like infrared) that up your DOSE- your Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

An Infrared sauna truly taking our ‘Natural’ High to the next level- With a mantra on the very first page of their companies home page:

‘Walk in. Shed your clothes, worries, and stress. Get hot. Get high.  Welcome to your new Addiction.’

Uhm yes please- say no more… all thanks to an increase of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. #gotDOSEd #getHighNaturally

Panel moderator lone and behold: ERIN SHARONI 

IMG_0758-thumbnail-697x1024.jpgCreative Strategist for InsideTracker, a digital health platform focused on personalized blood biomarker and genetic analysis. Erin is a self-professed biohacker focused on exploring the connection between epigenomics, nutrition and hormones.


  • What is bio-hacking? What women need to know

  • What’s your BioHacking IQ?

  • BioHacking Your Beauty Regimen.

  • BioHacking Your Body

  • BioHacking MindBody Balance


What is Bio-Hacking To You?


Lauren: When you invest in yourself.  I think ultimately when you invest in yourself you become a better person, you know when you are healthier you are a nicer person – when you are more continue you might be more conscious to the world. I think ultimately what biohacking is- taking care of your own environment , eco-system. making healthier decision for yourself and the people around you- and ultimately giving more self love.

Katie: For me Bio-Hacking is anything that’s healthy that makes you feel better: whether it’s to go for a walk or just simple things to optimise your energy.

 ‘We arrive at our own bio-hacks in our own way based on our own needs.’

-Erin Sharoni

A lot of people start out of frustration- sometimes we are misdiagnosed , can’t find a solution and found ourselves backed against the wall.



How Long Have Each of You Been BioHacking?

Dr. Emily Splichal: “Biohacking can come and take on any form. Even just taking vitamins and supplements getting 8 hours of sleep, and understand how your body goes through its growth hormone ; this could be hacking your body.

IMG_9844.jpgI have been hacking in loose terms since I was about 20 years old (I am not disclosing my age) after i work out , the most important thing after I workout I would take branched chained Amnio acids.

Anti-ageing medicine- retentive medicine I have come to find out as we age your body actually does not make the amino acid L-Leucine which is the amino acid that actually repairs muscles so as you age. As we loose our muscles you actually want to take branched-chained amino acids because your body does not make those amino acids as much. So if you work out and want to build the muscles- Branched chained amino acids.”


Lauren: ” After studying nutrition and health & wellness I started to really learn what it is to Bio-hack. I started to learn how to do it ‘healthily’ I guess, I was eating well & exercising and I got so passionate about it that I started educating people before I even had a degree in anything. I was training people, and telling people how to eat- so I was always really passionate about it.

And just in the recent few years with Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss coming out – kind of coining this term ‘Bio-Hacking’ which I’m not sure I truly understand. Every day I am just trying to figure out how to be clearer, how to perform better, be nicer, be more cautious, just totally take control of my energy- What goes in my body, what comes out of my body. I would say biohacking is what I have been ‘obsessed’ with the past couple of years- but I have always been dabbling with it my whole life.


Katie: I think I really started biohacking about 10 years ago, when I was in investment banking. I found myself in the situation where I was working really long hours, I was incredibly stressed, and I really needed something that would help relieve that stress – So that I could function and be normal under all that pressure.

Katie Kaps And thats when I really turned to running. Before of course I was an athlete growing up and I ran & did sports, but I never really used it as a tool in my tool kit in order to get through life.

Than I found that running just helped me function perform better at my job. I have more focus and clarity, be nicer to people feel more connected- and then I thought to myself.


‘Well what else can I do?’


And that when I started to dabble with nutrition and being really conscious and what I am consuming – and then I turned to acupuncture  and different ways to improve my energy.



Erin: Everyone has tried different makeup products. As we Buy three ending up throwing them all away. So technically we are already ‘biohacking’ in a sense because we are experimenting. We are stopping the use of one, and then you use another – and are like oh this works better for my skin.


Dr. Emily Splichal: ‘Mine would be definitely Botox [Laughs] I have no idea if that is a Bio Hack but I’m just going to admit it- it’s fine. I have been doing Botox since I was 25. Call it a BioHack: BOTOX. 

Radiofrequency is my new favorite one. I do not know if anyone has had a laser facial. So if anyone has had a Radio-frequency facial – Which can penetrate deeper and they can stimulate more collagen than laser facial. So if you had to choose between the two you get a much more collagen stimulation production than what you do with laser. The cost is very comparable. With the advances in radio frequency you can cool the skin and not burn yourself.

Any of the IV: ‘Nutri- Drip; Vitamin Infusions. Vitamin C is one of my favorites- which is amazing for skin and cancer prevention.’

Dr. Emily Kiberd: I am an avid user of Nutri-Drip & Higher Dose. I do a double dip at the Alchemist Kitchen. Where I do my Drip and then I walk right over to the sauna at HigherDose.

In our clinic we do a lot of scar tissue work. Whether is knee surgery, neck surgery, or sea-sections- Those scars we want to be able to heal and form well without any sort of cell growth, which creates a celluloid which is not a pretty thing. Also lots of scars can turn off our motor control- our muscle memory coordination. So we do lots of ‘Bio-Hacks’ for our patients, one of the top would be Magnesium oil , or Magnesium lotion to rub on and around the scar; which softens it makes it looks prettier. So we suggest this most to our patients.

Lauren : Hot & Cold Therapy. So we do infrared saunas. Some of you may not know what an infrared sauna is but its a hot sauna – it heats you internally, very gentle very safe. It detoxes you 7 times more, by pulling heavy metals and environmental pollutants of your fat cells. Which once you get toxins out of your body that is huge for ageing. It increases blood flow and circulation which is also a huge factor of ageing. As well as sparks creating new cells and collagen-they’re phenomenal. I also love cold therapy if you could take a 3 min, 30 second, 10 second cold shower at the end , or beginning of your day. This makes you feel amazing and completely inexpensive- or if you have access to cryo chambers, and cryo facials being an extremist (laughs.)

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BioHacking Your Body

Lauren: Adding coconut oil to your coffee- If like taking a healthy adrenal. Adding fats to your coffee allows for slow absorption of the caffeine so you don’t spike and crash. So I add coconut oil as well because they work simultaneously together. Its always known that if you’re taking vitamin C take it with an orange because that way they work synergistically together , which is more natural. So I take the MCT and coconut oil and what I do is a brew my coffee with the lion’s mane which comes in a powder form.


Lauren Berlingeri

Coffee has such a strong taste that you can mix almost anything you want in there; thats where you should be putting your mushrooms in, put your turmeric in there, your cinnamon in there; whatever you need to be taking into your coffee because you’ll never really taste it. And then you don’t have to feel guilty about your coffee anymore because now its like your healthy drug, and I feel pretty okay about that- Im on it right now. (laughs)

The brands that I use is: Bullet Proof, Now Foods (relatively inexpensive) Four Sigmatic. Teaspoon of MCT oil, tablespoon of coconut oil- Blend that with your coffee once you brewed it with the mushrooms – Blend that together and you have the most amazing healthiest frappuccino. It takes away your appetite , your on point your firing, and you don’t have to put in the really heavy butter which does not work for me. I can’t preach enough about mushrooms, coffee , and fat (healthy fat.)

Katie: Lauren loves her coffee it works for her- I do the light version of Lauren’s; which is just coffee and coconut oil; very effective the fat helps stimulate brain activity.



Lauren: It was not in my DNA to be stick thin. So it was really weird because I was like running all the time – running, running, running- cause if I lifted weights then I was going to be bulky and huge, which is totally not the case. And it really took me forever to figure that out. It was until I really started listening to my body, to know how I felt after my work outs. For example: when I run for the next few hours my ravenously hungry, I need to eat every few hours my blood sugar level goes down – it just wasn’t healthy for me. After I do weight lifting , High intensity workouts, I felt energetic, happy, calmer- and ultimately I started to achieve what I wanted- which were the results I wanted, being firmer and being a healthy weight.

‘So Listen To Your Body’

Experiment with a week of trying to run long distance, then a week of sprints, then a week of pilates, then a week of yoga, and just log how you feel. If your sleeping better that’s going to help you lose weight, If you’re eating less, these are the kind of signals that the body tells you of what’s working to help you achieve ultimately your goals.

And before you do all of that really sit down and ask yourself, What your goals are. Are your goals to be happier at work? thinner? to look stronger?  to be firmer? have thinner legs? Be true with yourself and your goals, then start to educate yourself on the proper things and ways to move to get that, and then listen to your body to see if thats right for you.

Katie: So you know Lauren is laughing because I don’t even work out But what is true is I have a walking desk. Which is awesome be since walking is such a great form of exercise no matter what your age- I used to be a marathon runner, which is not very healthy for your body, so just light exercise is good. I love my walking desk because I get a little bit of a workout in, I get stuff done, we are all busy woman in new York – it’s something to consider, not only getting in a little workout, but creating more oxygen in your brain so you can be more efficient.

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NABOSO Technology, Urban Wellness Clinic, Power Plate, Higher Dose, Kryolife, Nutridrip, Floating Lotus


Over all I was most certainly opened to an entire new realm of being, adding a new lens to my collection of the ways I view the mind, body & soul.

We must always remember that the universe is not outside of us. We must look inside ourselves, and know everything that you want we already are.

As for now, I am going to go make myself a hot cup of my Bullet Proof Coffee- Tremendous thanks to the ladies, sponsors & tesla group for coordinating the event. xx



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