M-I-A: Missing In Action – The Return ‘Like Magic.’

Hi All, My Fellow Beloved Readers-

I have been gone from some time now, removed myself from writing to the world and found myself entered in the realm of observation and absorption. I’ve learned alot, met a lot of great people in the past month, also not so great people- have been awakened to much of the inner depths of my being- enlightened by new beginnings, and a new lens of viewing the world. I have been from East Coast to West Coast, exploring depths of us ‘beings’ (humans that is) and the way we see our realities.


I realized what a selfish individual I was being in the past, I faced unpacking some really heavy unattractive baggage I had been carrying for years- and was so not a good look anymore, [ especially outdated, old, and not a birkin- There fore it was time for an upgrade.]


Throughout exploring my levels of selfishness – In short getting my head out of my ass and becoming conscious to the world around me, and actually beginning to listen.. and I mean genuinely listen to the world and people around me; It is crazy how much I became aware of the levels of self. Not just self exploration mantra- But the entity of self as a whole.


Hear me out: Levels Of Self Justifying As-









So here lies the question:

Where are you willing to constitute yourself ?

Kind of an intimidating question right? In the list of 8 words above demonstrated through words of language that we as a society have created and constituted in levels of agreement-

How in our own way do we constitute ourselves from the ‘individual’ our most familiar and highest held regard to that of others — and that we are able to be moved into a possibility that others are touched moved left inspired?


What for us human beings it currently means to be a human being somehow serves as a contextual constraint on our perceptions, thinking , planning and actions ?


And could it be that this context established by what for us human beings it currently means to be a human being that imposes a constraint, perceptions, thinking , planning and actions is actually the sources of our inability to do what is required to make the circumstance in our world satisfactory for us ?

It is important to understand that “What for us human beings it means to be a human being” This establishes a contextual domain.


In a sense without a transformation in “What for us human it means to a human being” While we can explore and experiment with variations in our thinking, planning and acting those variations are limited to what is allowed within the boundaries of the context established by our current motion of “What for us human beings it means to be a human being .”

“Between stimulus and response – is a space.  In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and our happiness. “


This all being said, I am back- stronger than ever, ready to dive deep into the world of exploration and OM- otherwise known as ‘Orgasmic Meditation.’ yes… post coming soon.







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